Wrongful Death

Arkansas Wrongful Death Attorneys

Moffitt & Phillips is an Arkansas wrongful death law firm representing individuals that have been killed by the wrongful acts of others and their surviving family members. Our attorneys are dedicated to investigating your wrongful death matter and holding all responsible parties accountable. At Moffitt & Phillips, your case will receive the personal attention it deserves. Our attorneys will work directly with you and your loved ones during this difficult time. Our lawyers will assist you through every step of filing a wrongful death claim, including initiating probate proceedings.

At Moffitt & Phillips, we take wrongful death cases that occur during or by:

Moffitt & Phillips accepts all wrongful death cases on a contingency basis. This means that our law firm assumes all of the financial responsibility for the case and only receives payment if we win your case. There is no initial out-of pocket cost to you. Our attorneys are dedicated to assisting you pursue your case and achieving the results your family deserves. If your loved one has been wrongfully killed by the wrongful acts of another, call Moffitt & Phillips NOW to speak  with an experienced Arkansas wrongful death lawyer.
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