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The right of property is before and higher than any constitutional sanction; and private property shall not be taken, appropriated or damaged for public use, without just compensation therefore.

State of Arkansas Constitution, Article 2, Section 22

…nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

U. S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, 5th Amendment

Moffitt & Phillips, PLLC is an Arkansas law firm devoted to exclusively representing the interests of landowners in eminent domain litigation or condemnation law. Both the Arkansas and the United States constitutions provide that property owners are entitled to “just compensation” when their property is taken by the government or a governmental designee for public use. The amount of “just compensation” to which you are entitled includes compensation for the actual property that is taken by the government for public use and additionally compensation for any damage to your remaining property as a result of the taking.

Although many landowners have a basic understanding of property valuation, there are specific methods of valuation that must be applied in an eminent domain context to determine “just compensation.” It is nearly impossible to properly evaluate the government’s offer or prepare for condemnation proceeding without the assistance of a knowledgeable condemnation lawyer familiar with the law in your state. Additionally, an eminent domain lawyer can assist you in finding a qualified appraiser familiar with eminent domain takings to value your property and obtaining specific information about the project for which your property is being condemned.

Moffitt & Phillips, eminent domain attorneys in Arkansas only represent property owners in eminent domain, condemnation, and other property rights cases. We never work for the government or condemning authority. Our goal, as your eminent domain lawyer, is to ensure that you receive the maximum amount compensation for your property as a result of the taking.

Additionally, Moffitt & Phillips takes most eminent domain or condemnation cases on a contingent fee. This means that you have no upfront costs for our services on your case. In the event that the government decides not to take your property, then we will not charge you a fee. If the government proceeds to take your property by eminent domain or condemnation, our fees are tied to how well we perform for you.

If your property is subject to a governmental taking by eminent domain or condemnation, call Moffitt & Phillips, PLLC today for a free consultation. We will take the time to sit down with you to discuss your eminent domain matter and answer your questions about condemnation. Moffitt & Phillips, PLLC is here to ensure that you receive just compensation when your property is taken by the government.

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