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Have you been injured in an auto accident? You may be entitled to MONEY from the other party as compensation for your injuries. A successful recovery in an auto accident case often depends on the actions you take IMMEDIATELY after the auto accident. It is important that you get timely treatment for any injuries and also properly document all damages that you incurred in the auto accident.  DO NOT try to resolve your auto accident case without the help of an experienced Arkansas auto accident lawyer!

Let Moffitt & Phillips' Experience Work for You:

  • We will advise you of your rights when injured by someone in an auto accident.
  • We will handle the complexities of filing a claim for your damages.
  • We are PREPARED to go to trial to defend your rights.
  • No Claim is Too Small!

If you have been injured in an Arkansas auto accident, take action IMMEDIATELY to defend your rights. Call 501-404-5000 NOW or complete the form on this page to have one of our auto accident lawyers contact you. Although each case is different, you may be entitled to recover the following in your car accident case:

Damages in Car Accident Case

  • Past and Future Medical Expenses;
  • Past and Future Lost Wages and Earning Capacity;
  • Compensation for the Nature, Extent, Duration, and Permanency of the Injury;
  • Compensation for Aggravation of pre-existing Injury;
  • Past and Future Pain, Suffering, & Mental anguish;
  • Compensation for Scars, Disfigurement, & Visible Results of Injury;
  • Loss of Consortium; and
  • Economic damage for your vehicle

Protect your rights IMMEDIATELY by calling Moffitt & Phillips now. Our experienced auto accident attorneys can navigate you through the often complex process of obtaining compensation for the injuries that you have sustained through no fault of your own. You only have one opportunity to recover all of the damages you are entitled to receive in an auto accident case. Let the injury law firm of Moffitt & Phillips go to work for you and help obtain the compensation you deserve.